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Our Story

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Owner and Founder 

Jessica Freeman 


Your Essentials "Where we believe in leveraging the power of Nature".


In a world that is often loaded with artificial beauty products, it is refreshing to finally find a brand that celebrates the power of nature in a unique way. Your Essentials was founded by Jessica, a mother of 4 who was motivated by the necessity of her daughter’s and mom's sensitive skin. Her daughter had experienced eczema while her mom had eczema and psoriasis, but they couldn't find any products that helped. So she started formulating products in her kitchen, and that's how Your Essentials was born. 


Who We Are

Your Essentials is an essential skincare brand based in Hampton VA that specializes in providing natural and organic skin care products, as well as clean candles. We are a progressively run, purposeful, and innovative natural skin, hair, and body care company that approaches everything with positive thinking, effective health-conscious ingredients, amazing fragrances, with clean packaging.


We sell a range of products ranging from body care products for men, women and children, feminine care (yoni) essentials, and home essentials like candles, wax melts and room sprays. At Your Essentials, we believe in leveraging the power of Nature to improve your skin health. Our products have been carefully formulated using the finest organic ingredients to achieve the highest quality and performance in results. The best part? Our products are affordable, making them accessible to every budget without compromising on quality.


Our Vision Statement

To become the leading source of natural health and beauty products around the world. We believe that nature has the answer to everything and we are committed to bringing you just the right products for your needs.


Our Mission Statement


To create the finest quality personal care products possible and to deliver them with integrity, reliability, and efficiency. Every one of our products are handcrafted using the finest ingredients nature has to offer. Our candles are deeply aromatic and provide hours of enjoyment.


Our Commitment Statement

We are dedicated to purity, quality, and innovation in all that we make. By keeping our footprint light we can do more to drive healthy self-care through clean and aromatic skin care, massage, body, and lifestyle products that are inspired by the natural world.