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Pamper Box Workshop

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Indulge in an amazing experience where you get to create luxurious body care products and spend quality time with your favourite people! Our Pamper Box Workshop is the perfect way to treat yourself and your loved ones to a special night of relaxation and fun. Invite your friends and BYOB for a fun ‘Sip & Whip’ experience!

  • What’s included with your purchase?

    This event will be for 50 minutes of class and 10 minutes to get settled with class instructions. Built into your booking we have reserved a complimentary *10 min grace period if needed.

    Learn how to customize your very own body care products.

    All your materials to make your own body butter and 1hr of time

    Your choice of 10+ luxurious fragrance oils

    You will be able to make your choice of a scented or unscented products.

    Care instructions for your custom body care products at home.

    Complimentary bottled water, light refreshments, music, great vibes, & fun

    In store same day shopping discount of 15%

    **Please note that we cannot allow attendees arriving more than 10 minutes late to participate in the class. Traffic can be bad, so please plan accordingly. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

  • FYI

    Class will consist of no more than 12 people. This is for adults only. All attendees must be at least 18 & up. Kids classes are also available . If you decide to bring your own bottle, you must be 21+. ID’s will be checked, so please have your ID on hand. No ID NO drinking! Your Essentials is not responsible for the actions of drinking alcohol at this event or after. We encourage all attendees to abide by all local and statewide laws with drinking alcohol responsibly. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us via email or phone prior to your event. Your Essentials is a smoke free facility. No type of smoking is allowed. This includes vaping: e-cigarettes, hookahs, tobacco pipes, marijuana, or etc. Discount codes cannot be used with this class. Using a discount code, will result in a cancelation of your booking without notice*

    This class is for entertainment purposes only. If you are interested in starting a skincare business or a similar business, we offer paid private coaching classes. No business information will be provided for this class.

    We encourage all attendees to arrive 5mins prior to your start time. If you arrive earlier than 5mins we ask that you, please wait in your car. Space and seating is limited, so please do not bring large purses/bags, food of any sort, large coats, and extra guest. There is no exception to this policy! If you decide to shop after the event, we ask that you limit your time as quickly as possible, as we may have another class after your class. After your class is complete you are more than welcome to take pictures with the other guest, please note this may be limited to few moments as well. We will need to clean and turn over the table for the next class. We apologize in advance. We appreciate your understanding!

  • How to pay

    Seating is limited and your seat must be purchased prior to the class.

    Choose from the dates listed above

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